Aligning Partner Marketing and Sales

Download this webinar where Channel Impact provides five simple rules for aligning channel marketing and channel sales. In this webinar you will get not only the strategic reasoning behind Channel Impact’s game plan, but you will take away actionable, real-world steps that can dramatically improve channel performance.

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Deal Registration: A Roadmap to Partner Sales

Deal registration tends to be one of those things that fade into the background of most IT vendor channel programs. They are never all that flashy and they don’t tend to get much press, but they quietly support partner profitability and build the drive for channel partners to proactively hunt for new deals, secure in the knowledge that their efforts will be properly rewarded.

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Whitepaper: Six Points to Becoming a Cloud-savvy Channel Partner

As consultants committed to helping our clients build stronger, more successful channel programs with equal emphasis on the success of their partners, Channel Impact® is highly tuned to the challenges associated with business transformation from traditional resale in favor of a model focused on annuity-based revenue streams, such as cloud-based and managed services.

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Whitepaper: Security as-a-Service – The Role of the Channel

IT security has become nothing less than an arms race in which “white hat” defenders are constantly developing responses to the latest threats, while “black hat” cyber criminals continually develop new tactics aimed at penetrating the defenses, and adjusting to the countermeasures.

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Whitepaper: 6 Steps to Cultivating Marketing-Savvy Channels

The indirect sales channel has long been a key player in the technology industry because of its ability to integrate products, often from multiple vendors, into solutions that meet the business needs of the customers.

As a general rule, their skill sets include the technical abilities necessary to plan, design, install and support the products, as well as the sales acumen needed to convey the business benefits and process the transaction. But another key step in the process involves an area where many channel partners tend to have the most difficulty:


This whitepaper discusses the “6 Steps to Cultivating Marketing-Savvy Channels.” Please fill in the contact information to the right to receive your free download.

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