5 Reasons Channel Leaders Utilize Channels-as-a-Service

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Many of our clients tell us that the true test of a channel executive is how they manage their programs in the face of adversity. Like all industries, when business is good and money is flowing, being successful in the channel comes more easily. But when challenges abound and budgets are tight – that’s where real leadership is required.

At Channel Impact, we have experienced the industry highs and lows right alongside our clients. Although today’s IT partner channel is at a unique point in time and budgets are generally good, the industry is moving quickly and changing fast. This creates new challenges when it comes to not only understanding what the future holds, but also successfully planning and preparing for that future.

That’s where Channel Impact comes in. Whether you’re trying to get ahead of growth or scale back to adjust to market shifts, our Channels-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering arms you with the agility you need during times of uncertainty. When you turn to us for CaaS, you gain an experienced team of channel specialists – from partner marketing, communications and analytics to event management and more. Long-time clients like Cindy Herndon, Riverbed’s Vice President of Channel Programs and Operations, tell us that having access to this depth and breadth of skills is empowering: it enables more options in hiring, more budget flexibility, and greater agility overall.

Whether your partner organization is flourishing or facing a turning point, here are five reasons why you should consider Channel Impact for CaaS:

  1. We are experts of our trade: Our team is made up of channel careerist at all levels who have walked in your shoes. Some of us were previously on the vendor or distributor side, while others were partner executives.
  2. We wear multiple channel hats: You may be scrambling to fill several spots on your team. Great news – our experienced professionals are multi-faceted in many channel disciplines, supporting you how, when and where you need the most help.
  3. We hit the ground running: You’ll need to spend very little time directing us because we’ve been there and done that. We add value from day one because channels are all we do.
  4. We’ve got you covered across North America: Because our team spans both the U.S. and Canada and we embrace mobile worker technology, we provide you with endless flexibility to have our team on-site, traveling on your behalf or supporting you from our offices. Whatever you need, or where you need us, we have you covered.
  5. We ebb and flow with your business needs: We provide you with the ultimate flexibility to quickly scale up when you need to get to market fast. You can easily dial up or dial down the service level to be right -sized for whatever you are looking to accomplish.

    As 2H and annual planning cycles hit, we know how difficult it is to put in place the right people, with the right skills, at the right time – while also balancing your budget. We can fill those gaps, both long term and short term, whatever your needs require. Our work ranges from messaging and go-to-market refinement, to channel program ramp-ups, internal communications for channel chiefs and sales leaders, playbooks, partner listening surveys, partner summits, and a wide range of specialty services.

There’s a reason many of our clients have been with us for years, some for more than a decade. They view us as a long-term partner who supports their route-to-market success, and some – like Cindy – include Channel Impact in the annual budget.

Often we’ll start working with clients on one thing and soon it expands into a larger engagement. We love when that happens. And when our clients’ needs change, we can scale up or scale back in an instant. That’s the beauty of CaaS. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals. I look forward to catching up!

Laura Bergerson
Channel Impact

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