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For tech companies wanting to drive sales through best-in-class partnering, adaptability is crucial. We get it — your team’s needs can change in a heartbeat. With us, you’ll tap into a pool of top-tier partner talent, whether it’s for a quick project or a long-term collaboration.

Why choose Channel Impact?

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Proven Talent

Say hello to a dedicated crew of channel experts ready to dive into your evolving business needs. Unlike traditional staffing firms, we offer a managed service led by industry veterans.

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Deep Expertise

We’ve got a diverse pool of channel experts ready to tackle any partner-related need. From Partner Marketing and Operations to Communications, Programs and Incentives, – we’ve got you covered.

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Hit the Ground Running

When it comes to partnering, it’s what we do best. Our channel careerists are seasoned experts, ready to add value from day one.

Managed Service Offerings

This is a curated selection of our managed services talent and not an exhaustive list of all the services we offer. Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

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Partner Marketing Manager

The Partner Marketing Manager is your go-to expert for driving and executing joint marketing strategies and go-to-market plans. They shine at nurturing relationships with business, technology, and channel partners to expand your business reach and evaluate sponsorship opportunities.

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Partner Operations Specialist

The Partner Operations Specialist oversees partner tools and processes, streamlining operations for optimal efficiency. They manage essential partner processes, from onboarding to deal registrations, SPIFF claims, MDF, referral payments, and more.

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Partner Program Manager

The Partner Program Manager runs point on your top of mind partner facing programs such as the Global Partner Program, incentive or marketing programs. They work tirelessly to make sure your programs are easy for partners to use, while delivering the results you expect.

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Partner Communications

The Partner Communications Manager is the voice of your partner program, crafting compelling narratives and messaging that resonate with your partner ecosystem. They excel at developing and executing communication strategies that align with partner goals, fostering engagement, and driving program success.

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Partner Analyst

The Partner Analyst is your data-driven guide to partner program effectiveness. They possess a keen eye for insights, analyzing partner performance metrics and market trends to identify opportunities for growth and optimization. Their expertise informs strategic decision-making, ensuring your partner program remains aligned with business objectives.

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Sales Enablement Content Manager

The Sales Enablement Content Manager is the curator of knowledge and resources that empower your sales team to win. They meticulously develop and maintain a comprehensive library of sales collateral, including partner-specific content that highlights the value proposition of joint offerings. Their commitment to creating high-quality content fuels sales success and drives revenue growth.

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Field Marketing Specialist

Supporting field marketing managers, the Field Marketing Specialist focuses on account and contact research, event marketing, and operational processes. Their goal is to reach target accounts, generate MQLs, and boost pipeline contribution in the Enterprise & Commercial segments.

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Marketing Specialist

Looking for a Marketing Specialist to boost your brand? Our experts excel in crafting targeted campaigns that drive results.

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Project Manager

Get organized and stay on track with our top-tier Project Managers. Our skilled professionals ensure projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Partner Events Manager

The Partner Events Manager is your orchestrator of extraordinary experiences, crafting and executing impactful events that strengthen relationships with business, technology, and channel partners. They possess a unique ability to translate strategic objectives into memorable activations, fostering brand loyalty and driving business growth.

What our employees say

“I want to thank you so much for the last three years. Working with the Channel Impact team and your clients has been more than I could have ever hoped for. The level of talent you provide and the relationships with your clients are a testament to the culture of this company.”

Jamie J, Sr. Marketing Manager

Complimentary Talent Consultation

Tell us more about your team and we’ll recommend talent solutions that deliver.