Arrow Electronics Updates its Cloud Management Platform

Published On: January 1, 2024Categories: Buzz

Arrow Electronics has introduced a series of significant updates to its cloud management platform, “ArrowSphere,” aimed at simplifying multi-cloud and hybrid cloud monitoring – particularly in the areas of sustainability, cost optimization, and security.

The addition of the GreenOps, FinOps, and SecOps dashboards provides an aggregated view of all cloud accounts that a channel partner manages. This is intended to improve cost management and security analysis, while addressing the deepening global environmental call to action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including in response to the upcoming EU regulation CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

“Over the last decade, ArrowSphere has evolved from a transactional platform to an automated platform that supports cloud business excellence,” said Eric Gourmelen, global vice president and chief technology officer of cloud for Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business. “Our latest updates focus on simplifying and building transparency around managing costs, monitoring sustainability, and helping ensure that end-user solutions are safeguarded against the ever-changing threat landscape.”

The sustainability dashboard is designed to help channel partners build solutions that make a minimal impact on the environment. As environmental regulations put increased pressure on businesses to report their carbon emissions, ArrowSphere’s sustainability dashboard comes with reporting capabilities as well as a global monitoring tool for channel partners and their customers to measure the carbon footprint of their cloud activities.

The cost optimization dashboard delivers visibility across the entire cloud estate through a consolidated dashboard that also provides recommendations where spending can be adjusted.

The security dashboard delivers a scoring system where 100% purports to be complete security coverage. This allows channel partners to see at-a-glance the security posture of their entire end-customer base, identify potential threats, and take proactive action.

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As market dynamics shift to everything-as-a-service, Arrow’s updated tool is designed to support channel partners through a variety of business transformations, including economic, environmental, and security changes.

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