Aryaka: Investments in SASE and Network-as-a-Service on the Rise

Published On: April 30, 2023Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Aryaka has released its annual Enterprise Network Transformation report suggesting that CIOs, CISOs and IT leaders are doubling down on cloud investments despite the uncertain economy.

The rapid shift to cloud services and the complexity of a hybrid workforce appears to have changed how modern IT leaders view network and security, according to the San Mateo, California-based SD-WAN and SASE company.

Significantly, 98% of those surveyed indicated they plan to increase their investment in cloud services, despite ongoing economic uncertainty. This counters the narrative of a “technology slowdown,” instead indicating that IT leaders are shifting from traditional IT to the cloud, which is aligned with the workforce’s adoption of hybrid and remote models. Furthermore, 94% of respondents believe SASE will play a larger role in their networking and security plans, while 62% plan to eliminate MPLS from their operations.

“In this current era of uncertainty, chaos and unprecedented times, one of the consistencies we are seeing is that businesses need to be flexible, adaptable and ready for anything,” said Matt Carter, Aryaka CEO. “Our report indicates that the vast majority of CIOs, CISOs and IT leaders are preparing for this uncertainty by investing in and adopting architecture, policies and technologies that converge networking and security, as these disciplines are critical to business success.”

Nearly half (47%) of survey respondents indicated that they plan to accelerate cloud and network services adoption despite current economic conditions.

The report was compiled from a survey of more than 230 C-level, vice president and director-level leaders at global enterprises in network and security roles, uncovering priorities, challenges, and opportunities for the coming year.

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