Avant Announces the New Trusted Advisor Academy

Published On: May 3, 2021Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Avant Communications, a Chicago-based master agent, has rolled out a new education platform for its sub-agent community. The so-called, “Trusted Advisor Academy” is intended to help channel partners adjust to competing in a world of next-generation technologies by fostering the knowledge and skills necessary to agnostically evaluate a customer’s business needs, and to put forward by the specific solutions to meet those needs.

The new certification program is currently made up of four courses that are strategically designed for Trusted Advisors new to a technology or in need of a refresher.

“Many of our highest performing partners expressed an urgent need for agnostic technology and sales trainings to enable Trusted Advisors to confidently navigate the constantly changing market,” said Shane McNamara, Avant’s Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations. “As a result, we gathered partner feedback and dedicated countless resources to creating a Trusted Advisor certification program for some of today’s hottest technologies. Housed in our brand-new Trusted Advisor Academy, the certification courses will empower our partners to help customers make the best next generation technology decisions for their business.”

The new certifications focus on UCaaS, CCaaS, Security and BaaS / DRaaS technologies. Each certification course begins with a brief history of the technology, an explanation of the “as a service” solution, comparison of deployment options, case studies and definitions for foundational terms. An emphasis is placed on business drivers, objections/rebuttals, and the structure of the pitch.

Once participants complete all required modules and quizzes, they earn a certification badge to showcase their knowledge and expertise.

The training tracks are accessible on the company’s “Pathfinder” partner enablement platform.

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