Cisco Urges Partners to “Go Big” in IOT

Published On: January 28, 2019Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Cisco is telling its partners that 2019 is prime time to invest heavily in IoT. In a blog post written by Andres Sintes, the San Jose-based company’s Global Senior Director of IoT & Digital Transformation, early movers will be rewarded with a $4 billion market for IoT products and services backed by a variety of solutions in Cisco’s portfolios for industrial Ethernet Routing, Switching, Wireless, and other categories.

Adding that IoT is Cisco’s fastest-growing architecture, Sintes is encouraging Cisco partners to take advantage of recently developed “sales motions” intended to provide a roadmap to increased IoT revenues through enhanced understanding of key customer “care abouts” in IoT that enable partners to develop sales pitches based on desired business outcomes. These reflect the realization that your “IT buyer’s responsibilities are no longer limited to the carpeted space,” Sintes wrote. “With the explosive growth in IoT and industrial devices connecting to the core network, IT must manage and secure extended spaces with the IoT portfolio. This is actually a very simple sales motion that leverages the skills you already have in place.”

Another aspect of the sales motions involves connectivity, onboarding, monitoring, security, and control of remote and mobile assets. Common use cases would include connecting kiosks, remote equipment and different types of fleets. These would be backed by data-driven business outcomes for targeted verticals like manufacturing, utilities, oil/gas, and transportation. Cross-partnering with other channel partners is recommended in situations where a single company lacks the full range of necessary expertise. In either event, training and enablement tools are being developed to support this initiative.

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