Continuum Launches initiative to Help MSPs Address Cybersecurity

Published On: March 4, 2019Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Continuum has launched “Empower for MSPs,” a subscription-based service intended to provide MSPs the expertise, support and solutions they need to fully understand their clients’ security gaps and deliver the service they need.

The structure includes client-facing assessment reports that combine dark web scanning, endpoint and user data, allowing MSPs to provide clients a clear and comprehensive view of their current risks. Related offerings that may be sold as a result of the assessment include endpoint detection and network monitoring, as well as a maximum of two incident responses annually from Continuum’s Security Operations Center for assistance with remediation in the event of a breach.

“One of the biggest challenges MSPs are facing in cybersecurity is helping their clients understand the real risks in their environment and the value of additional security protections,” said Brian Downey, Senior Director of Security Product Management at Continuum. “We’ve seen first-hand what MSPs need to begin building their own cybersecurity practices and have developed a suite of tools and supporting collateral to put them on the right footing to do so.”

Empower is available in two categories. Both offerings provide MSPs with access to Continuum Security Assess, which identifies end-client security gaps and generates customer-facing reports to illustrate those gaps, as well as discounts and licenses for the Continuum Security product suite and dark web monitoring. Empower Plus offers additional monitoring solutions, further discounts and licensing options, as well as SOC incident response support for up to two events per year.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Continuum markets a management platform for MSPs.

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