Employee Spotlight: Wendy Senra

Published On: November 30, 2017Categories: Buzz, Employee Spotlight, Uncategorized

What makes Channel Impact unique is our highly specialized employees. Meet Wendy Senra. She joined Channel Impact a year ago to help one of our customers transform the way they market through their channel to generate partner-led revenue. Wendy’s multi-faceted marketing background, which she gained during her tenure at CDW Canada, Tech Data Canada, and Symantec, made her the perfect fit for the challenge.

Wendy’s approach to achieving client success is simple:
“Listen to the needs of others, and don’t be afraid to be forward thinking. My dad would use this saying… pretty much it translated to “shut your mouth and listen to the people around you.” It taught me to learn from the people around me. I am lucky – I was given the opportunity to work with some very smart people who allowed me to prove myself and utilize my Dad’s words through my career.”

When Wendy began her new consulting engagement, she did exactly that. She took the time to really hear the customer and understand the business outcomes they were looking to achieve. “Listen to your client. Listen to the partner. Listen to the customer. That is the only way to present an effective solution to them. All partners have business needs unique to their organization: let them tell you what they are.”

Wendy’s recommendation to the client was bold, to say the least. Not afraid to disrupt business as usual, she presented a strategy that created competition amongst suppliers, held stakeholders to strict key performance indicators and kept the partner experience top of mind. Wendy completely revolutionized the existing model to one of performance and accountability.

Wendy Senra is a true channel careerist and reminds us “to value the lessons that you learn in the process. That is what it means to be forward thinking – take into consideration what makes sense and build upon it.”

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