Illumio Announces Incident Response Partner Program

Published On: April 30, 2023Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Illumio, a Sunnyvale, California-based Zero Trust Segmentation company, has rolled out its new Incident Response Partner Program designed to help organizations respond, contain, and recover faster during ransomware and other breaches. The program leverages the Illumio ZTS Platform, promising immediate network visibility, faster resolution, and prevention of reinfection.

Providers typically use Illumio ZTS alongside endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools, increasing EDR’s allotted time to detect threats. In addition to network visibility, the solution features segmentation, thereby removing the need to create VLANs or use firewalls.

A 24/7 on-demand technical support team is also available.

“The biggest challenge in incident response is that those leading the investigation or recovery often are not familiar with the environment,” says Ryan Ikeler, Head of Incident Response and Managed Services at Illumio. “Adding Zero Trust Segmentation into the recovery process not only provides a level of visibility that many didn’t even know was possible, but it minimizes risk and allows organizations to recover faster, reducing the spread, cost, and operational impact of attacks.”

In addition to Illumio’s Incident Response Partner Program, Illumio has added new dashboards and an improved user interface to make it easier for customers to manage their Illumio deployments. The dashboards enable organizations to identify which ports and workloads are at critical, high, medium, and low risk and visualizing the number of protected and unprotected workloads.

“Breaches happen, so organizations must always assume breach and behave as though a bad actor is already inside their organization,” said Mario Espinoza, Chief Product Officer at Illumio. “These new dashboards help security teams drive measurable risk reduction.”

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