Tackle.io Launches Program for ISVs Pursuing Cloud Marketplaces

Published On: February 20, 2022Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Tackle.io, a Boise, Idaho-based software company, has rolled out its new Startup Acceleration Program to help independent software vendors (ISVs) generate revenue through the four major Cloud Marketplaces—AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Red Hat Marketplace.

Given that listing a product on a marketplace can be challenging, especially for early-stage companies with limited developer resources, Tackle’s offerings focus on reducing the time to list and sell products on marketplaces while providing granular transaction reporting.

“The Cloud Marketplaces are a fast-growing channel, and early-stage ISVs are in a prime position to take advantage of it,” said John Jahnke, CEO at Tackle. “We created the Startup Acceleration Program so early-stage companies have access to the technology and resources necessary to kick off their Cloud GTM journey the right way.”

To qualify for the Startup Acceleration Program, ISVs must be early-stage (seed, angel, or Series A), have less than $5M in revenue, and have fewer than 30 employees with a market-ready SaaS product. The ISV must also meet the Cloud Provider’s listing requirements.

Once qualified, ISVs have access to Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform, including premium features needed to launch and grow a Marketplace business. Promised benefits include a simplified process for product listing across marketplaces, streamlined seller workflow and order visibility, and access to advanced reporting, aggregated views, and real-time visibility into the purchase cycle. Expert consultations are also available.

Tackle works with more than 350 cloud companies today, including AppDynamics, Auth0, Fivetran, HashiCorp, Looker, McAfee, NewRelic, PagerDuty, and Talend. Tackle is available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, and Red Hat Marketplace.

Channel Impact®
Through the program, early-stage ISVs can fast-track a cloud marketplace and further develop their skills and expertise in this area. With a substantial proportion of software buyers stating that they are likely to purchase through the marketplaces in the future, this may become a compelling go-to-market strategy.

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