Tech Data and Deep Instinct Partner to Prevent Cyberattacks

Published On: June 3, 2019Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Tech Data has forged a distribution alliance with Deep Instinct, a New York-based company that has developed a deep learning cybersecurity platform that provides enhanced protection by accurately predicting harmful known and unknown cyberattacks, and then terminating execution. Through this partnership, Tech Data will offer Deep Instinct’s product line to customers in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

“We believe artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning tools are the next wave in advanced cyber protection,” said Alex Ryals, vice president of security solutions, Americas, at Tech Data. “Because these tools are autonomous and constantly learning, not only do they require fewer updates — but, unlike typical machine learning tools, they also require no additional human intervention and feature engineering, which helps lower support and management costs.”

Deep learning methods are based on the layers used in artificial neural networks and are modeled after how the human brain learns. The deep-learning-based model is also promised to achieve a much higher detection rate and lower false positive rate for new files.

“Deep Instinct prevents cyber threats that others can’t find, and our deep-learning-based solutions are the only way security teams can prepare for both known and unknown cyber threats,” said Deep Instinct CEO Guy Caspi. “As we embark on new routes to our market through this partnership, we trust Tech Data’s knowledge and ability to expand the reach of our offerings to security teams across the globe.”

Deep Instinct works with currently deployed products, and is self-contained on endpoints so that it doesn’t need a network connection or human intervention. The solution also comes with a dashboard that allows technical teams to review and manage forensic events that have been prevented.

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