Technology Empowerment During Cancer Treatment

Published On: October 19, 2017Categories: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Buzz

“Technology empowers those of us going through treatment for Breast Cancer to continue to be productive in our roles.” -Sandy Preto

Channel Impact’s Channels-as-a-Service Manager and breast cancer crusader Sandy Preto understands what it means to fight for normalcy while she fought for her well-being. Not long ago, Sandy found herself seeking extensive treatment for this deadly disease that affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. While she underwent treatment, it was the communication and business technologies that helped her to remain active in her role from the comforts of her own home. It also allowed her to build and support a cause she organized during her treatments.

Notes4Hope builds a community around music, by producing concerts, in order to raise funds for breast cancer research and prevention. Aside from benefit shows, Notes4Hope provides education to their community of followers regarding treatment options and support, health and wellness best practices, and advancements in Breast Cancer research and prevention.

So how did Sandy manage to stay on top of all of her projects at work during her treatment? Thanks to collaboration tools. Collaboration tools are an effective way to maintain communication with a team regardless of location. You can hold a conference with people in different locations, with the ability to record and reference later.

Technology companies have driven virtual business for years now. The ability to collaborate with a team anywhere, anytime has helped spawn the mobile work movement. In times of hardship or illness, these technologies help individuals like Sandy to maintain their career engagement. Giving someone the ability to normalize an aspect of their life during the turbulence of treatments is not only good for business; it’s good for mental health and wellness too.

How can companies further support those undergoing breast cancer treatments, as well as employees who are healthy and want to remain so? Here are some ideas:

  • Health Improvement Programs
  • Preventive services (screenings, yearly check ups)
  • Informative newsletters, or how to be involved in community outreach
  • Donations, or fundraising events – hosting as an employee appreciation event, or supporting causes

Empowering individuals through the use of technology has had a positive impact on how those with cancer are able to continue normalcy of their day-to-day while undergoing treatment. Slowly, but surely, as technologies are refined and advanced, we will see growth and innovation in a field of communication, enabling benefits of team building across time zones and under any circumstance.

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