ConnectWise and SentinelOne Forge Distribution Alliance

Published On: August 9, 2021Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

ConnectWise and SentinelOne, a cybersecurity platform company, announced a strategic technology partnership to support the distribution of security solutions. While these products were previously only available with the security operations center (SOC) services as Fortify Endpoint, channel partners can now source through ConnectWise. The companies are also attempting to develop unique integrations within the ConnectWise platform.

Channel partners can provide the offerings with or without the SOC services and customize the offerings to each individual end user. Those who purchase directly from ConnectWise will also receive onboarding and front-line support directly from the company and will have access to the ConnectWise Partner Program and other resources.

SentinelOne Control, which is the current core of ConnectWise’s Fortify Endpoint solution, offers prevention, detection, and response, as well as added security suite features like device control and endpoint firewall control. It also adds full remote shell execution to ease IT support and provide additional levels of granular control for managing endpoints.

SentinelOne Complete contains the Deep Visibility Threat Hunting module for advanced forensic mapping, visibility, and nuanced response capabilities for security professionals. When TSPs and managed security providers (MSPs) have a security incident, they have access to deeper analysis and data useful for threat hunting at the machine level. By identifying hardware level cyberattacks – or rootkits – TSPs can hunt for advanced persistent threats (APTs) typically being executed by advanced threat actors and take instant remediation action.

“TSPs and MSPs are realizing that the stakes have never been higher in cybersecurity as ransomware, cyberattacks and other emerging threats are increasingly causing major business catastrophes,” said Jason Magee, CEO of ConnectWise. “We’re proud to team up with SentinelOne and offer both of these EDR products available directly to our partners. Arming our partners with these critical cybersecurity tools is of the utmost importance.”

Partners who have purchased SentinelOne but decide they need additional assistance, they can purchase SOC services for continual threat monitoring and response, a fully staffed team of security experts and cutting-edge security intelligence. 

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