HPE Revises Partner Program Towards Higher Payouts and Growth

Published On: September 10, 2018Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has updated its HPE Partner Ready program with an eye towards encouraging partners to invest in high-growth market areas such as hyperconverged solutions, storage, software, and consumption services. The company is meanwhile trying to simplify its program in order to facilitate easier partnering.

Once the adjustments are formally launched on November 1st, partners investing in high growth areas will be rewarded with higher rebates, quicker access to higher membership tiers, new business incentives, and enhanced training and enablement. In addition, the transaction process is also being streamlined in order to promote simplicity and ease of operation.

“Partners will earn more through the increased focus on high-growth areas of the market, as well as improve their skills to more effectively sell solutions in the future through new training and competencies,” said Paul Hunter, worldwide partner sales leader at HPE.

Product lines targeted for the additional incentives include Synergy, SimpliVity, Nimble Storage, 3PAR, OneView, OneSphere, GreenLake and Datacenter Care. In addition, the Engage & Grow partner incentive program, which rewards partner sales representatives for selling across the HPE portfolio, will expand to encompass high-growth products and services.

HPE is also introducing a new competency in its Partner Ready program for GreenLake, the company’s suite of pay-per-use on-premises IT solutions, as well as a robust rebate that rewards HPE Partner Ready for Services partners for their capabilities with consumption-based models.

As part of the program enhancements, HPE is accelerating access to HPE Partner Ready program membership tiers, allowing partners to unlock higher membership tiers and accompanying benefits more quickly.

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