Insight Partners Announces Enterprise Technology Exchange

Published On: July 31, 2022Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

New York-based software investor Insight Partners announced the establishment of its Enterprise Technology Exchange, a council of European and North America-based technology leaders who will identify and discuss technology trends with an eye towards establishing valuable insights to the software sector and enterprise ecosystem.

The panel is made up of distinguished executives representing companies from across the globe, including Boeing, Bayer, Cigna, Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes-Benz, Reckitt, Schneider Electric, S&P Global, and Walgreen Boots Alliance, and Zurich Insurance Group.

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of years of experience working with global technology leaders to help them access innovation that can bring about digital excellence and agility in their business operations,” said Elizabeth van den Berg, executive vice president at Insight Partners. “The knowledge transfer from startups and ScaleUps to enterprises, and vice versa, is invaluable to the vitality of the software sector and we are pleased to provide a forum for information exchange and learning between the innovation ecosystem and the corporate leaders of global business.”

“I’ve spent my career learning how and working to drive innovation across a number of industries,” said Noelle Eder, Global Chief Information Officer at Cigna. “I’m energized and motivated by our work on topics ranging from innovation and organizational transformation to new technical approaches and patterns that pave a smoother road to value creation.”

“Software is key for the digital transformation, not only for our company,” said Jan Brecht, Chief Information Officer at Mercedes-Benz Group. “ScaleUps play an important part in that, as they can be fast and innovative, while having proven to be relevant.”

“Today’s digital leaders and entrepreneurs are expected to navigate through uncertainty with agility, and through opportunity with velocity,” said S&P Global’s Chief Information Officer Swamy Socherlakota. “The fusion of thought leadership between diverse global CIOs and founders of ScaleUps collectively creates a digital melting pot for applied innovation and value creation.”

The Enterprise Technology Exchange follows on the heels of Insight Partners’ Government Advisory Board. Insight believes that software companies can drive an outsized impact on the economy and job creation.

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