Intel Rolls out IoT Onboarding Solution

Published On: October 16, 2017Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Intel has announced the launch of a new solution designed to securely automate and bring IoT devices online within seconds, rather than hours. Marketed as the Intel Secure Device Onboard (Intel SDO), it is being offered to IoT platform providers as a service they can provide to customers who wish to onboard thousands of connected devices.

The solution allows devices to dynamically discover the customer’s IoT platform account at power-on for automatic registration. It offers a one-to-many, one-time enablement capability that can be integrated into almost any device or IoT platform, thereby eliminating the need to custom pre-load provisioning configurations for each IoT implementation.

It also leverages the Intel Enhanced Privacy ID to anonymously authenticate the device and establish an encrypted communication tunnel, thereby preventing hackers from tracing the device from factory to owner.

Intel SDO is now integrated with Wind River Helix Device Cloud, its device lifecycle management platform that enables IoT devices to securely connect, monitor, manage and service devices. With the integration of Intel SDO, Wind River’s latest release of Device Cloud includes zero touch onboarding designed to mitigate the risk of security attacks to a device, ensure privacy and deliver automation that reduces installation and onboarding time.

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This offering is expected to address one of the key obstacles to widespread IoT deployments: the time and resources spent on the process of secure provisioning.

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