Kaspersky Rolls Out New Specializations for Enterprises and MSPs

Published On: June 18, 2023Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Kaspersky announced that its United Partner Program now includes new enterprise specializations for its gold and platinum partners. Rebates for resellers and distributors were also updated, and new compensations were introduced for proof of concept (POC) and deployment services.

As part of the announcement, the company introduced two new specializations to support the sale and deployment of enterprise solutions: Enterprise specialization for gold and platinum partners and enterprise+ for platinum partners. These specializations allow partners to receive additional rebates, as well as to be eligible for prioritized presale support from Kaspersky, gain access to joint marketing activities for enterprise solutions, and other benefits. Partners offering advanced cybersecurity services to their customers, including the deployment of Kaspersky solutions, can get the enterprise+ specialization. Partners with this specialization will be eligible to receive compensation for POC services and deployment, technical training vouchers.

The program for distributors now includes two specializations. The Value-Added Distributor (VAD) specialization allows partners to get rebates for sales of specific enterprise products, and specialist specialization rewards distributors for deployment and POC services on behalf of the partner. Kaspersky also introduced additional rebates for MSP sales for MSP distributors in North America, Italy​, Iberia, France, APAC and LATAM.

Leveraging Kaspersky’s LMP (License Management Portal), MSP partners can purchase SKU Plus license which allows them to get 24/7 immediate phone support from the Kaspersky team instead of the standard system of ticketing. Another update for MSPs includes the possibility for partners to buy Kaspersky Professional Services on behalf of the MSP, and also receive Kaspersky support.

“The introduction of the new Enterprise specializations reflects the shift in our corporate strategy, as we have extended our secure-by-design solution offering to enterprise customers globally,” said Kirill Astrakhan, executive vice president at Kaspersky. “We believe they create additional opportunities for our channel partners to leverage the global cybersecurity trends and to address the growing cybersecurity customer concerns. These changes can be a great opportunity to grow businesses both for our partners and us.”

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