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Study: Nearly Half of U.S. Businesses Stopped Using a Software Platform Because of Security Concerns

Half of U.S. businesses say that security is the most influential factor when buying software, according to a survey by Capterra, an Arlington, Virginia-based online marketplace vendor serving the software industry. According to the company’s “Security Features Survey,” 45% have stopped using a specific type of software due to security concerns. The study also found that businesses are willing to pay a premium for intuitive and well-designed secure software.

Respondents also shared the types of security features they consider to be “must-haves.” Over three-quarters (76%) cite data backups as a dealbreaker when choosing software. This can be expected as growing ransomware attacks make it critical for businesses to have data backups. The second most important security feature is the ability to receive security notifications (72%), followed by encryption in transit (68%) and at rest (67%).

Prompted by federal government mandates, the availability of a software bill of materials (SBOM) is emerging as a required security feature among businesses buying software. An SBOM is a list of the components used to build a software package and is meant to inform organizations of related security and compliance risks. It’s cited by 55% of businesses as a must-have feature.

“Businesses should continue to place a premium on security as a key differentiator when buying software,” recommends Zach Capers, senior security analyst at Capterra. “While organizations should focus on key features such as data backups, security notifications, and encryption, don’t overlook lesser known, but equally important, features such as the availability of an SBOM.”

Organizations are also boosting security by focusing on robust authentication measures. While 59% of businesses still look for relatively insecure password authentication, nearly as many (52%) want software tokens (e.g., DUO, Google Authenticator), 40% pursue hardware tokens (e.g., USB key), and 39% look for biometrics, all of which are much stronger than passwords. More intriguingly, a third (33%) are interested in passwordless authentication.

Businesses look for security certifications and attestations provided by software vendors to see how the tools they’re buying adhere to specific protections. According to 59% of businesses, a Cloud Security Alliance certification makes the software more appealing, followed by 47% that are interested in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

Channel Impact®
Security is a critical factor for most companies when buying software, but it’s important to know which features to focus on that make a product the right fit for business needs.

VMware Updates Channel Strategy for Multi-Cloud Opportunities

VMware has rolled out the next evolution of its worldwide partner program, delivering more incentives, and rewards based on partner performance and capabilities. Highlights include rebates and deployment incentives.

“Through Partner Connect, we are reinventing the VMware partner experience,” said Tracy-Ann Palmer, vice president, Global Channel Sales Programs and Compliance at VMware. “Our strategy is for every VMware partner to own the customer lifecycle end-to-end, leading with services, partnering with others, and building predictable, recurring revenue streams.”

The updated program is designed to serve as a platform for all partner business models, connecting partner programs and value-added activities in one universal point system. The new structure recognizes, aggregates, and rewards partner accomplishments across transactions, service delivery, capabilities, and specializations, and supports partners however they choose to go to market, whether via one business model or several.

Track-specific criteria rewards partners with incentives and benefits as they grow their VMware business. Partners can earn points for achievements in both training and innovation, from foundational capabilities to differentiated services and IP.

The completely overhauled partner dashboard provides a self-service experience enabling partners to customize views, so they know where they stand across program metrics at any time. Partners can track history, performance, and progress toward capabilities, specializations, and next level availability.

VMware has also launched a “Partner Connect” program enabling more partner-to-partner collaboration. Partners can participate in one or more business models, with each model opening a door to more incentives and program progression.

The company now offers partners 14 Solutions Competencies, 8 Master Services Competencies, and two Specializations partners use to close larger, higher margin deals. Partners can now earn capability points toward program progression based on their investment in training, competencies, and certifications.

Channel Impact®
As organizations move toward the cloud, there is a significant opportunity for partners to help their customers with successful migration. The updated program is expected to better support a range of business models, and align partner enablement, practice development, and incentives with successful business outcomes.

Viakoo and Presidio Announce Partnership to Deliver IoT/OT Enterprise Security

Viakoo, a Mountain View, California-based company focused on IoT/OT vulnerability remediation, has announced a partnership with Presidio, a global digital services and solutions provider, to deliver physical security, internet of things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions to joint customers.

As defenses around IT systems have become stronger, threat actors have turned their focus to more vulnerable OT and IoT devices including physical security systems such as access control and video surveillance. This has created urgency in how to secure and harden them.

The new partnership brings together Viakoo’s automated ability to perform service assurance, analyze vulnerabilities, and remediate them at scale with the Viakoo Action Platform, and Presidio’s ability to provide managed IoT/OT cybersecurity solutions. Together, Viakoo and Presidio hope to provide best-in-class cyber hygiene for connected devices and offer joint customers innovative solutions to protect their networks and have confidence in both their physical and cybersecurity posture.

“The IoT/OT security attack surface are among the fastest-growing attack surfaces in cybersecurity, and addressing IoT/OT security is a particularly expensive and tedious process because of the multitude of variables involved,” said Frank Rubio, VP of Alliances at Viakoo. “It’s essential that organizations deploy automated solutions to contend with this scale and complexity. Our partnership with Presidio enables a host of organizations to better protect themselves at scale by accessing this powerful automated solution.”

“Viakoo’s unique capabilities enable a discovery and remediation process that is far more efficient for IoT/OT than traditional methods,” said Eric Adams, VP of Physical Security at Presidio. “An automated solution for IoT/OT like Viakoo’s is essential for organizations that hope to defend against the modern threat environment.”

The combined solution is now available to Presidio customers.

Channel Impact®
The partnership is designed to help organizations achieve convergence in how physical security teams and cybersecurity teams operate to reduce risk and stop threats such as ransomware, data exfiltration, and advanced persistent threats.

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