Snapt Updates Channel Program to Strengthen ADC Sales

Published On: August 20, 2018Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Snapt, Inc., an Atlanta-based application delivery controller (ADC) company, has rolled out channel program updates intended to strengthen ties with existing partners while also enhancing the company’s value proposition for the recruitment of new partners. Snapt provides load balancing, web acceleration, caching and security for critical services and virtual infrastructure.

The revised program has a three-tier structure that allows partners to scale revenue and margins in line with market penetration. An increased focus on demand generation provides additional co-marketing activities such as PR, events, and webinars. Deal registration and sales/marketing/operational support have also been upgraded, according to the company. The partner portal and knowledge base have also been updated.

“As we continue to expand globally and the ADC market demands more sophisticated solutions that can solve a broader range of enterprise requirements, we are focusing more on channel partners who carry complimentary products such as F5 and Citrix,” said Dave Blakey, co-founder and CEO. “Snapt Partner is designed to grow businesses that are looking for cloud-based products to succeed and thrive in this market. Interest continues to increase in North America, the UK, and Benelux and we will be especially focused on supporting those areas for the second half of this year.”

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The updated program features will likely incentivize partners to take a more active role in business development efforts, and hopefully secure higher returns.






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