Viakoo and Presidio Announce Partnership to Deliver IoT/OT Enterprise Security

Published On: April 2, 2023Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

Viakoo, a Mountain View, California-based company focused on IoT/OT vulnerability remediation, has announced a partnership with Presidio, a global digital services and solutions provider, to deliver physical security, internet of things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions to joint customers.

As defenses around IT systems have become stronger, threat actors have turned their focus to more vulnerable OT and IoT devices including physical security systems such as access control and video surveillance. This has created urgency in how to secure and harden them.

The new partnership brings together Viakoo’s automated ability to perform service assurance, analyze vulnerabilities, and remediate them at scale with the Viakoo Action Platform, and Presidio’s ability to provide managed IoT/OT cybersecurity solutions. Together, Viakoo and Presidio hope to provide best-in-class cyber hygiene for connected devices and offer joint customers innovative solutions to protect their networks and have confidence in both their physical and cybersecurity posture.

“The IoT/OT security attack surface are among the fastest-growing attack surfaces in cybersecurity, and addressing IoT/OT security is a particularly expensive and tedious process because of the multitude of variables involved,” said Frank Rubio, VP of Alliances at Viakoo. “It’s essential that organizations deploy automated solutions to contend with this scale and complexity. Our partnership with Presidio enables a host of organizations to better protect themselves at scale by accessing this powerful automated solution.”

“Viakoo’s unique capabilities enable a discovery and remediation process that is far more efficient for IoT/OT than traditional methods,” said Eric Adams, VP of Physical Security at Presidio. “An automated solution for IoT/OT like Viakoo’s is essential for organizations that hope to defend against the modern threat environment.”

The combined solution is now available to Presidio customers.

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The partnership is designed to help organizations achieve convergence in how physical security teams and cybersecurity teams operate to reduce risk and stop threats such as ransomware, data exfiltration, and advanced persistent threats.

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