Worldwide Technology Rolls out New Services Program

Published On: July 10, 2017Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

World Wide Technology (WWT), a suburban St. Louis-based integrator, has announced EA+, a program of services intended to guide enterprise buyers through the entire process of defining, choosing and implementing a complete software stack.

EA+ manages the software buying process, from initial purchase, to implementation, to renewal. Clients gain exclusive access to WWT’s $150 million Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a dedicated testing environment where proposed software solutions of any type can be evaluated before they are rolled out. Technologies from Cisco, Microsoft, Dell EMC, HPE, NetApp, VMware and F5 are preconfigured into a fully scalable environment designed to reflect virtually any software scenario.

“EA+ is a complete rethinking of how enterprise agreements work,” said Dean Romero, practice director for software and lifecycle services at WWT. “Instead of just being a pricing tool, we’ve turned it into an asset that delivers business outcomes.”

Consultation services and workshops will also be available through the program.

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This move is compatible with the industry’s shift towards to a more software-centric business model with a multi-vendor environment. In addition, by codifying specific processes for hardware acquisition, customers may be able to get a better handle on “shadow IT” that is procured without participation from IT.

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