ESET Launches Marketing as a Service to Accelerate Channel Partner Growth

Published On: December 24, 2023Categories: Buzz

Digital security vendor, ESET, has added Marketing as a Service (MaaS) to its partner program, adding full funnel marketing campaigns focused on delivering new leads, nurturing existing relationships and improving brand awareness.

“Many channel companies lack the resources to deploy sophisticated marketing campaigns that can drive business growth,” said Ryan Grant, Vice President of Sales for ESET North America. “We built this new program based on feedback that our partners are challenged with executing comprehensive marketing campaigns and require dedicated, specialized marketing support. ESET Marketing as a Service addresses this challenge by offering a steady flow of potential customers – moving them through the buyer’s journey from cold lead to demo, to close won.”

Run in six-month campaigns, MaaS is part of ESET’s Marketing Development Fund (MDF) program. Applying a data-driven approach, ESET fine-tunes communications based on campaign performance to ensure the program delivers anticipated results.

The ESET partner program features personalized, high touch sales, marketing and technical support focused on margins, incumbency protection, and local customer support.

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The dedicated marketing support help is designed to help channel partners maximize their outreach potential, generate high-quality leads, drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and ensure personalized, consistent email communications.

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