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IDC Predicts GenAI-Powered Skills Development Will Drive $1 Trillion in Productivity Gains by 2026

As Generative AI takes center stage in industry dialogue, International Data Corporation (IDC) foresees a major paradigm shift taking place, with 35% of enterprises worldwide using GenAI to co-develop digital products and services by 2025, potentially doubling their revenue growth compared to their competitors. And as this adoption accelerates, IDC predicts that the implementation of skills development powered by GenAI and automation will enable organizations to drive $1 trillion in productivity gains worldwide by 2026.

The responses to a recent global C-suite survey carried out by IDC suggest that much of the focus over the next 18–24 months will be on driving productivity improvements, especially in relation to the sales, IT, and finance functions. More than 50% of the respondents emphasized that productivity gains are the most important business outcome they are targeting for the next 18 months.

“For most organizations, it is easy to develop hundreds of productivity use cases around GenAI, but many are already questioning whether they are over-pivoting on cost reduction and not focusing enough on how GenAI can help them to grow their revenues,” said Jyoti Lalchandani, IDC’s group vice president and regional managing director for the Middle East, Türkiye, and Africa (META). “We expect the emphasis on productivity gains to give way to revenue growth outcomes in the next 3–5 years, with sales, IT, finance, operations, and supply chain functions all reporting revenue growth expectations from GenAI. Providers must track this shift carefully with their core buyers to ensure that their GenAI solution offerings continue to align with the evolving business goals of their customers.”

Channel Impact®
In 2024, GenAI tools are expected to enable senior business leaders to double the productive use of unstructured data by uncovering untapped insights and knowledge, according to the report. The channel is in prime position to capitalize on these developments.

Ingram Micro Rolls Out Mobile App to Help Partners Manage Cloud Accounts

Ingram Micro has announced availability of its Xvantage Mobile App throughout the U.S., Canada, and India. The tool is designed to enable IT resellers, VARs, and MSPs who work in the office or in the field to source, manage, and order cloud subscriptions, technology products, and software.

Designed with feedback from Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance and Trust X Alliance community members, features include real-time visibility, an intuitive personalized interface, seamless integrations, and enhanced security.

“The Ingram Micro Xvantage Mobile App is another key milestone in our commitment to redefine distribution and remove friction by placing nearly everything channel partners need to grow their business and better serve their customers at their fingertips,” said Paul Bay, CEO of Ingram Micro. “Xvantage is simplifying and accelerating the sales cycle, bringing transparency into our supply chain, and giving resellers more ways to serve their end customers.”

“Our new Xvantage mobile app provides another ground-breaking option for our customers to enjoy a B2C experience in a B2B environment,” added Sanjib Sahoo, EVP and Chief Digital Officer at Ingram Micro.

Channel Impact®
The tool provides enhanced capabilities for partners to engage customer needs from remote locations. 

Malwarebytes Launches New Capabilities for its Multi-Tenant MSP Console

Malwarebytes, a Santa Clara, California-based cybersecurity company, has announced new offerings for its multi-tenant console, “ThreatDown OneView.”

Formerly “Malwarebytes for Business,” ThreatDown is intended to simplify complex security by combining detection and remediation with quick deployment and a simplified interface with one agent and one console. The console unifies management of endpoint security, licensing subscriptions, role-based access, and customer reporting.

Among the named features, Security Advisor analyzes an organization’s cybersecurity and generates a health score based off what it finds, illuminating gaps in defenses and providing actionable recommendations for improvements. Advanced Device Control automatically scans and quarantines any USB device connected to an endpoint. It also allows admins to block the device until the scan is completed. New reporting features offer a more streamlined approach to reporting within OneView so admins can quickly show ROI and value to their customers. A new addition for Patch Management allows administrators to configure settings to force close software applications, even if they are currently running. With this release, MSPs can now initiate the closure of software applications on an end users’ device within a specified timeframe before initiating updates. By closing applications, critical updates can be installed promptly according to the admin’s schedule.

“Malwarebytes provides our partners with a powerful and affordable security management platform that puts maximum control, alongside AI- and human-powered guidance, in the hands of security teams,” said Brian Thomas, SVP of Global Channels at Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes also signed more than 40 new distributors this year, including Climb Channel Solutions, Ebertlang, Nuvanix, Pax8 (US, EMEA and APAC), and Sysob.

Channel Impact®
The roll-out is intended to help MSPs further streamline their cybersecurity efforts with integrated advanced device control, increased visibility, and more robust reporting options while also reducing threats, costs, and complexity.

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