New Relic Aims at Channel with New Developer Program

Published On: September 24, 2018Categories: Buzz, Uncategorized

New Relic, Inc., a software analytics company from San Francisco, has rolled out a new developer program providing resources and tools designed to help customers and allied channel partners to do more with their application and more fully leverage infrastructure data.

“As our customers shift to autonomous teams and DevOps, the way they do monitoring needs to change as well,” said Aaron Johnson, senior vice president, product management, New Relic. “In many cases, they want their New Relic ‘user experience’ to be a command line interface, SDK or API in addition to customization of our curated dashboards and products so they can customize the way they use New Relic alongside other platforms and tools. Our developer program aims to address our community’s needs by providing code, documentation, examples, and tutorials so that engineers can more easily automate the creation of dashboards and alerts, extend New Relic with custom metrics, events and tracing data, and build on New Relic as an open, programmable platform.”

The developer program includes a guide for the discovery of APIs, SDKs, repos, and additional resources to support developers so they can easily adapt New Relic to the specific software architecture and business needs of the customer. It also includes new ways to access cloud integration and New Relic Query Language (NRQL) data—leveraging the GraphQL API, which gives users a single request method to manage and retrieve data in and out of the New Relic platform. In addition, a new APM language agent under an open source license is expected to better support complex application environments.

To better support deployment, automation, incident response, and application development work streams, the developer program provides a set of use cases intended to help users get more value out of the platform at a faster pace. New Relic will also further the company’s involvement in open source projects and standards.

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The new developer program is intended to provide users with a consistent and open way to customize and extend the New Relic platform into any workflow.


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