Experience Matters: the Pivot to Hyper-Personalization

Published On: June 22, 2020Categories: Buzz, IT Channel, Partner Marketing & Enablement
Experience Matters: the Pivot to Hyper-Personalization graphic

A Conversation with Channel Leaders on the Future of Partner Marketing

This year has shaken all of us to the core, from a worldwide pandemic to pervasive social injustice, leading to sudden and extraordinary adjustments in how we live and work. While these events have forced us all to pivot and reprioritize both personally and professionally, they have also advanced many of the channel transformations that were already underway – like cloud, automation platforms and the use of analytics. In addition, they have fueled a greater sense of urgency among vendors and partners to reimagine partner marketing.

To bring clarity to how vendors can prepare for what’s to come in a channel in which the future has been fast-tracked, our team at Channel Impact recently spoke with a wide variety of our industry’s top channel and partner marketing leaders. Remarkably, across all these conversations, Customer Experience (CX) and Partner Experience (PX) surfaced as the top channel priorities today. Both of these practices are built around the premise that business is personal—that we market to humans and engage with people and teams—each with specific expectations. And if we can connect more effectively with our partners and customers from a people perspective, then the buyer experience, the journey, and every other touchpoint will contain far less friction.

Because the world has gone virtual out of necessity, the best way for vendors to reduce friction and move the CX-PX needle now is to optimize digital enablement. This translates into innovative approaches to hyper-personalization, lifecycle engagement, automation, analytics, customer journeys, and more—all of which are addressed by our experts in greater detail in our new white paper, which you can download here now.

It was a privilege to connect with these respected channel leaders and gain insight into their collective observations. Knowing that all of you are fully entrenched in the challenges of our changing market, we’d love to get your thoughts on what the future of partner marketing holds for you. We hope you’ll read the white paper, join the conversation, and weigh in with your perspective. You can reach us at info@channel-impact.com or reach me directly at kristine@channel-impact.com.

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